Esther’s Cowboy/Cowboys of Clark’s Folly

MFRWAuthor#Love Kissed Tours      What kind of man would be perfect for a tough Georgia woman raised on a large farm with three brothers? Esther could out ride, out shoot, and out smart many man. Would it take a Texas lawman to win her heart?  Grab a copy of this anthology and find out!

Esther Samuels is one of four amazing women in Clark’s Folly for different reasons.

One works on a ranch inherited by a man who has lived in England, for goodness sake!  Will he change things too much? Will he even stay in Texas?

One sassy woman is the new vet in town.  Will she find more than she expects when a special, magical horse wanders onto a ranch?

A schoolteacher makes a stop at a Texas roadhouse on the way to a summer job in Clark’s Folly. There she finds more than food and a dance with a sexy cowboy!

Esther is on her way to Clark’s Folly to a wedding for her college roommate. She speeds through the wrong county or maybe the right county!

Gray had hoped Esther had changed, gained a lot of weight, or married. She hadn’t! Gray held his phone away from his ear and stared at it, shaking his head. Oh, hell no! No damned way! “Sis, do you know what you’re asking me to do? Do you?”

Excerpt:  “I wouldn’t ask, but there are no rooms available within fifty-miles!” Cassy sounded near tears. “I can’t have anyone stay with me with two kids burning up with fever and throwing up. Please! I might have to postpone the wedding if G-G-Greg or I g-g-get this c-c-crud!” She burst into tears.

“Okay, darlin’, I’ll see if the folks can find a place for her to sleep.”

“I already asked.” She barely got the words out between sobs. “Relatives are sleeping in every available spot in their house, even in the bunkhouse.”

“Stop cryin’. I’ll find her a bed for tonight. Try to rest. I’d come sit with the kids and let you sleep if I didn’t have duty.”

He’d be safer cleaning up after sick kids. Instead, he’d take temptation home with him! Getting over Esther had taken way too long the last time they were together. The chemistry was even stronger now. He’d wanted to strip her bare beside her Mustang only minutes ago. No way could he keep his hands off of her with her sleeping in his house for the weekend! He’d be a walking hard on!

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