Grab a Cowboy!


Welcome to Clark’s Folly, Texas, a town where you will find cowboys to lust over. Each of the four novellas will make you fall in love. The cowboys are tough, but so are the women who tame them.If you love Cowboys, you don’t want to miss these sexy, sensual stories. Take a fantasy trip to Texas and find the cowboy of your dreams.


Good, he didn’t recognize her. Wait a damned minute. He
had surely run her tag, so he had to know exactly who she
was. He had to know his sister had invited her to the wedding
and that they were still friends. Hmmm, what was his game?

She pointed toward the glove compartment. When he
nodded she opened it and pulled her paperwork out. “License
is in my cell phone case, Officer,” She made a point to look at
his nametag. “Gilbert.” Two could play at this game.

“I’d like to see it, ma’am. Please take it out and hand it to

Was he this polite to all speeders he stopped? She pulled
it out in plain sight and handed it to him. The large hands he
used to take it had roamed over her body, making her come
more than once. Squeezing her thighs together, she pushed
that thought away.

“In a hurry, Esther Samuels?” He emphasized her name
as though he liked the way the syllables felt on his tongue.
She had loved the way it sounded when he’d said it during

The gravelly tone made her believe he was remembering
calling her name out when he’d ordered her to look into his
eyes when she came and came and — Stop that!

“This is a new car and I’m not accustomed to it yet.” Lame
excuse, but it was all she had. Telling him she had needed to
find a restroom wouldn’t work or that she was looking for a
hospital, either.

He gave a curt nod, handing her registration back to her.
“You drove all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, but you haven’t
got the feel of this car yet? Hmmm.”

She looked into his eyes and shrugged.

“Open the door and get out of the car slowly.”

“Are you kiddin’ me?” Her respectful tone disappeared.


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