A Book is Born

In case you wondered how a book goes from manuscript to ebook or paper.

Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors

Everyone knows what goes into publishing a book (besides blood, sweat, and tears)—well not everyone. The published authors can tune out because they understand getting first rewrites back from the editor. The scramble to meet that initial deadline returning the reworked manuscript. One of my books took 6 rewrites.  AARGH.The-Silver-Crescent-3D-Open-Book-2

My current editor thankfully usually gets it right in maybe 2. It goes like this (unless I’ve forgotten between the last one and the one I’m working on now—entirely possible, my friends, even probable):

  1. After the rewrites, copy edits has a go at the book; then
  2. Editor sends you the galley to proof and return. Since the galley is commonly in PDF, I use a Word table to record my changes, the line number, and page number.
  3. Final galley—last chance to catch any errors…not much can be changed in this document.
  4. Book goes to production. With the three publishing houses…

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